Pregnant Mama Elephant Gives Birth To A Baby. Now Keep Your Eyes On The Right Side Of The Screen!

Elephant Returns To Carers To Give Birth

This is an amazing story of an elephant named Emily.

Emily was orphaned as a baby and rescued and nurtured by the carers at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

She was released into the wild as an adult, with the thought that she would never be seen again.

On the 23rd November 2014, Emily unexpectedly returned to the sanctuary where she had spent her childhood. She was pregnant and about to give birth.

What happened next is the most amazing, heartwarming, and [insert every possible loving adjective] event you could possibly imagine.

Elephants from the herd – all of them, from the infants to the old – circled around the baby to welcome and protect it into the herd.

The social nature of elephants is truly, truly amazing. We have so much to learn from these creatures.

This is a truly heartwarming story.

Emily Gives Birth To Her Calf

Each time I watch this video I sense that there is a hidden understanding between elephants that we humans are far from discovering.

Immediately prior to the birth, Emily circles around the one location, searching for a suitable place to deliver her young. The herd is off to the side, waiting for the magical moment.

After 22 months in the womb, Emily’s calf is born.

The herd immediately approaches. Their intentions are many. They firstly sniff and nudge at the calf, helping to arouse it and get it to its feet as soon as they can.

newborn elephant

Secondly, they presence of such a large herd serves to protect Emily and her newborn young from opportunistic predators that might be lurking in the immediate surroundings.

Elephant Born In Tanzania

In October of 2011, this pregnant female gave birth to her young in the wilds of Tanzania.

The reaction of the herd is the same as for Emily’s elephant. Immediately moving in to provide aid, the herd helps the newborn’s mother in the first moments after the birth.

They stimulate the baby to help it stand, then protect it from predators.

In this video, the male bull stands off to the side searching for predators that might be watching and thinking of attacking.

So caring of their new member, the herd also helps to soften the ground around the newborn calf, just in case it happens to fall.

Herd Helps Baby Elephant Survive

In this last video, the elephant herd is seen coaxing a newborn elephant calf for some minutes before it is able to stand on its own.

Without this helping hand and the presence of the entire herd for protection, the newborn calf would be extremely vulnerable.

With gentle coaxing, the calf is eventually able to stand on its own. Such a beautiful sight. Such a heartwarming feeling knowing that this cute calf will one day become such a majestic creature.



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