Baby Elephant Sees Goat, Runs For His Life

A Goat?? Never Seen One!

Meeting strangers is a scary thing. Remember being a child and first seeing a person you never met before?

Have you seen those videos online where an animal sees another species and is frightened out of its wits?

Imagine being an elephant and seeing a goat for the first time. How would you react?

Happily walking in your enclosure, you, the elephant, walk past a fence post. You’ve done this countless times and know the pen like the back of your trunk.

This time, as you glance to your right, you see a small, dark, furry…. goat…. What???

Goat face

Yikes!!! Quick… RUN!!!

We’re not exactly sure whether this was fear, surprise, or even play. It could have been genuine fear of the other species. It could have been simply being startled by another object in an unexpected place.

Whatever the reason for their surprise, we hope that they become used to each other and start to interact, forming one of those special bonds that we see between species.



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